The Self-Righteous Brothers


bullet When multi-award winning singer/songwriter Allan Caswell teamed up with Canadian born singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Braden Fox in 1997 for a songwriting assignment, neither of them expected it to have quite the effect on their careers that it has.They quickly found that they shared the same, slightly warped, sense of humour, a love of the music of James Taylor, Van Morrison, Simon and Garfunkel and the Everly Brothers and a need to 'give people a show' rather than just sing to them.

bullet Allan's performing career has taken him to nearly every town in NSW, every state of Australia, New Zealand and the USA (along the way he managed to win 5 Golden Guitars at Tamworth and write "On The Inside" - the theme from "Prisoner" ). Braden's career has taken him even further afield. . . to Hawaii, London, Vancouver, Greece and finally, Australia. He has also toured extensively with the "Irish Rovers" and worked as a singer/actor with a number of major Musical productions.

bullet Individually, both of THE SELF-RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS are terrific singers and together they have an almost magical sound. As Allan puts it "Braden is the best harmony singer I have ever worked with . . . "actually I hate him for it - it impresses the fans too much."

bullet THE SELF-RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS combine "country that kicks" with classic rock n roll and pop. They deliver a very entertaining show with great songs, great singing and lots of tongue in cheek self righteousness.They can work with their own SELF-RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS' BAND, with a house band and charts or fully self-contained. They have also been working on a series of SELF-RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS PRESENT .... concerts with guest artists like DOUG ASHDOWN and PAT DRUMMOND.

bulletIn the short time THE SELF-RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS have been together they have already created an impact and have yet to do a show where they haven't been offered a re-booking. They have been getting such a good reaction that Allan and Braden have been forced to put their solo careers on hold.

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