The Mighty Guys

The Mighty Guys

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Jacquie, Idris, Leon and Alan

LEON ISACKSON A former drummer for DIG RICHARDS and JOHNNY O'KEEFE, LEON ISACKSON founded the Mighty Guys in the 1980's when they released their first album for Glenn A. Baker called: Rockin' All Thru The Night. With over 40,000 sales the band received a cult following from authentic rock 'n' roll enthusiasts. Two more albums followed on Rivet label-Festival: Be Cool Be Smart and The Rest of the Mighty Guys. Leon's roots go back as far as the beginning of rock 'n' roll itself with an autobiography published by TIME-LIFE called Behind The Rock. The book covers his first 10 years in early Australian industry when he started with DIG RICHARDS & the R'JAYS and then on to record and tour with JOHNNY O'KEEFE in his backing band, the RAJAHS.

IDRIS JONES IDRIS JONES achieved international acclaim as a guitarist and singer with the MIXTURES when he received a gold record for writing The Pushbike Song in 1970. Idris has also written and recorded countless award winning jingles and he lends his amazing talent as the Mighty Guys' guitarist extraordinaire.

ALAN FREEMAN ALAN FREEMAN started his musical career with jazz singer KERRIE BIDDELL. He then went on to become the musical director and vocal arranger for THE DELLTONES for 10 years. Alan's expertise on bass, keyboards and vocal harmony is legendary.

JACQUIE DEE JACQUIE DEE is a Mighty Guys protégé that has added a touch of glamour as well as some neglected female rock 'n' roll songs of the era. Beautiful Jacquie is a true mighty 'guy' with all the essence of the fifties and sixties.

bulletThe Mighty Guys boast an incredible repertoire of good-time rock songs from the era of the legends - and their live performances continue to attract rave reviews:

THE SUN: 'If you like genuine rock 'n' roll you'll love the Mighty Guys... '

THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD: 'The Mighty Guys shake it like Shakin' Stevens never knew. Their infectious beat touches all pulsating rock 'n' roll hearts. They are living descendants of a young Presley, a raw Johnny O'Keefe or of southern boy Carl Perkins… Raw, joyous, teen music... Go cats go!'

ON THE STREET: 'The Mighty Guys aren't just a soundalike band. They have recreated the original 50s spirit and added their own style… It was an evening I won't forget, for many reasons.

ENCORE: 'The beat is irresistible. These guys kick up a hell of a storm and the feeling is fine. …The Mighty Guys equal Mighty Music!'

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