Laurie Allen in Newtown circa 1991
Laurie Allen in Newtown circa 1991

Sylvia's Mother

Words and Music
by Shel Silverstein

Performed by
Laurie Allen

Produced by
Michael Vidale and Bob Howe
(An OTT Production)

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Real Audio™

Laurie Allen and Michael Vidale circa 1991
Laurie Allen and Michael Vidale circa 1991

1991: Michael Vidale was recording an album for Laurie Allen. Discussing the Dr. Hook records in Ann Vidale's LP collection, it was agreed that there were indeed similarities between Laurie's vocal style and that of Ray Sawyer of Dr. Hook. This led to this fine rendition of Sylvia's Mother, with Laurie singing both vocal parts and playing guitar.

Bob Howe and Michael Vidale 2005

2005: The track is uncovered and polished up by engineer Michael Vidale on bass with Bob Howe on harmonica, Gary Brown on dobros and Leon Isackson on drums. The track was previously presented here to radio broadcasters to commemorate the third anniversary of Laurie's passing on June 13, 2002, with love and respect.

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