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Albert Lee & Hogan's Heroes - "In Full Flight!"
(Live at Montreux)

Liner notes by Sonny Curtis...

" Whatever your musical tastes are, I think you will love this album. I certainly do.
The music you are about to hear has a great feel, tremendous excitement and a spontaneity that is typical of Albert Lee and Hogan's Heroes.
The modern recording studio is a great tool and well planned records can be very nice. However, If one is not careful in the studio, complex arrangements, too much overdubbing, noise reduction and things of that nature can make The music sound sterile and spoil the record. That does not happen here. This is a "live" album in the truest sense of the word. What occurred on stage is what you're gonna hear.
I've had the honour to play with all of these guys. Albert and I were in the Crickets together and we've both served, at different times, as lead guitarist for the Everly Bros. I'm sure you will agree that Albert Lee is a trailblazing, trend setting guitar player and his great singing style has a unique quality that is all his own.
Gerry, Brian, Pete and Mike have backed me on concert tours and, believe me, my music never sounded so good. I have enormous respect for this band. Each member is great, but as far as I'm concerned, when you put them all together, they're a musical miracle.
If you get the chance to see Albert Lee and Hogan's Heroes in person, please do so. It is an experience you will enjoy immeasurably.
In the meantime, listen to this. It will do you right."

photo of Albert Lee

1. Intro
2. Sweet Little Lisa
    (Hank DeVito, Donivan Cowart) B.U.G
3. Just Because
    (B.Shelton/J.Shelton/S.Robin) Peer
4. Evangelina
    (Hoyt Axton/H.Botham) Rondor
5. One Way Rider
    (Rodney Crowell) Marada
6. Cannon Ball
    (Duane Eddy/ Lee Hazlewood) Carlin
7. Seventeenth Summer
    (Albert Lee) Albert Lee
8. The Highwayman
    (Jimmy Webb) Polygram
9. Real Wild Child
    (J.O'Keefe/D.Owens/J.Greenan) Southern
10. Restless
      (Carl Perkins) Polygram
11. Pink Bedroom
      (John Hiatt) B.U.G.
12. Country Boy
      (Albert Lee/Tony Colton/Ray Smith) Island
13. Tear-stained Letter
      (R.Thompson) Island

Albert Lee & Hogan's Heroes: Albert Lee (Guitar/Keyboards/Lead Vocals), Brian Hodgson (Bass/Vocals),
Gerry Hogan (Pedal Steel Guitar/Acoustic Guitar), Mike Bell (Keyboards/Vocals),
Peter Baron (Drums/Vocals).

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