ShowNet offers the following services:-

Creating web pages:-

Features of our Web page design include:-

  1. Compact screen design with the impact focused at the top of documents (studies show that viewers dislike excessive scrolling).
  2. Transparent technology; we design to suit the larger market, not the latest technology trends. We attempt to make our sites clear and fast-loading, and our designs are optimised for viewing through both of the popular browsers, Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Explorer. We also attempt to make the pages accessible to "text-only" viewers as many people access the Internet via office machines.
  3. We encourage the registration of a domain name (i.e. as a method of ensuring the future location of your site. Domain names are transportable in the event of a switch in host companies.
  4. We handle registration of your site with the major search engines, and encourage cross-links with other sites to encourage "traffic partnership"
  5. We monitor the "hits" to your site in an effort to improve the visitors impressions as well as analysing the data to help you increase traffic.
  6. We can arrange for the hosting of your Web site and Domain Name registration. Contact us for more details and current prices.

Initially a site could begin as an electronic brochure or catalog and then expand to become a virtual trading place. Email comments can be solicited and used to build electronic mailing lists. Links can provide instant connection to other industry related or interesting sites (and vice versa with their co-operation).

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