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Cowboys In Cybersp@ce and CAPITAL NEWS - TAMWORTH 2001 PHOTO ALBUM

Nite Trane 2001 TIARA Winners...(Tamworth Independent Artists Recognition Awards) - January 23rd 2001
High Achiever's Award -- Doug Rowe
Male Vocalist of the Year -- Col Finley
Female Vocalist of the Year -- Raebekah Roycroft
Golden Oldies -- Bruce McMillan
Songwriting -- Ace Fender
Instrumental -- Nite Trane (pictured left with presenter Lindsay Butler)
Bush Ballad -- Man From Horse Shoe Creek -- Russell Hinton
Duo of the Year -- Keri McInerney and Michael O'Rourke
Country Band -- The Sparnetts

Doug Rowe Col Finley Raebekah Roycroft
Pictured above, L to R: Doug Rowe, Col Finley, Raebekah Roycroft.
Pictured below, L to R: Maggie Smith and husband Ace Fender, Michael O'Rourke and Keri McInerney
Maggie Smith and husband Ace Fender Michael O'Rourke and Keri McInerney
Pictured below: Special recognition was given to Eric and Hillary Scott (Hadley Records), Smoky Dawson (pictured with compere Brian Howard), and a musical tribute to the late 'Gentleman' Geoff Brown included performances by Wayne Horsburgh, Felicity, and members of the Brown family.
Eric and Hillary Scott Smoky Dawson Wayne Horsburgh and Felicity

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Anne Kirkpatrick


Anne Kirkpatrick performed
during the awards ceremony
and presented the
Female Vocal award to
Raebekah Roycroft.

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