Cowboys In Cyberspace presents snapshots of TAMWORTH 2005.
at Bicentennial Park, 22nd January 2005
incorporating the JOHN WILLIAMSON 'TRUE BLUE MUSTER' and
Telstra ROAD TO TAMWORTH Grand Finalists Showcase

From top, left to right: Chad Morgan and John Williamson, JW onstage, JW and Tracy Coster

John Stephan, JW and Luke, Erin Garaty and Warren H. Williams, Jacqui Izod and Pixie Jenkins

John Williamson and Tracy Coster onstage, Steve Newton and Phil Matthews

Morgan Evans and John Elliott, Mollie McClymont and friends ("...look, we're in the paper!"),
Greg Swain, Aleyce Simmonds and Rob Potts

Aleyce Simmonds and John Stephan; Thomas Shelby, Barbara Tomkins, Morgan Evans and Mick Lindsay;
Tamworth Town Crier and Aleyce

Jim Haynes and Jacqui Izod, The 'Telstra Road to Tamworth' band with Katie Brianna
(L to R: Bob, Allan Tomkins, Katie, Terry Phillpot, Warren Nielsen, Clare O'Meara),
Billy Bridge and Rebecca Lee Nye.

All photos © 2005 Karen Versace and Bob Howe

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