Cowboys In Cyberspace presents snapshots of TAMWORTH 2005.

From top, left to right: Chad Morgan, Pixie Jenkins/Chad/Tracy Coster, Tracy

Golden Guitar winning bush balladeer Jeff Brown, 2005 Telstra Queen of Country Music,
Emma Bock with Battle of the Bands Tomkins guitar winner Dan Ebbels,
Sophie and Celeste Clabburn - The Sunny Cowgirls with New Talent Golden Guitar winner Jedd Hughes

At the Alandale Function centre - Dianna Corcoran, Donna Boyd, John Stephan and John Williamson

Telstra Road to Tamworth winner Aleyce Simmons, Sara Storer joins the Hands of Fame,
Toyota Starmaker winner Samantha McClymont in the cavalcade

Gene Bradley Fisk and Normie Rowe, and it was all too much for Travis Collins...

All photos © 2005 Bob Howe and Karen Versace

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