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CYBER COWBOY Cowboys In Cybersp@ce - April 1999 CYBER COWBOY

By Bob Howe © 1999

"Construction Zone"

under construction icon As you surf around the World Wide Web, you will often encounter pages that claim to be 'under construction', often accompanied by a little icon of the 'men at work' road-sign. In truth, a good Web site is ALWAYS under construction! One of the real advantages of the electronic media is its ability to be updated at any moment. There is still room for static content of course, but news and other information can be updated in a second, via the Internet. If you are reading this in Capital News, you have the convenience of the printed page; you can read it now, take it on the train for the trip to work, or even read it in bed with a nice cup of tea! However, a month has passed by since I actually typed these words. If you are looking at this on my Web site, you could conceivably be reading this as soon as I hit the last full stop key!

Colin Buchanan
Colin Buchanan
photo © cyberBob
A good Web site will use this advantage to constantly supply new information. An artist can update their gig guide, discography, biography, and keep their fans in touch with the latest events. The new Colin Buchanan site is a good example of a place that is worth visiting again and again. As well as all the things you would expect to learn about Bucko and his music, you can find diary-style excerpts of his Tamworth Festival experiences, and what he has been doing since. As you might imagine, there is a fair amount of Colin's sense of humour evident, which keeps it very entertaining. I must make mention too, of the excellent design work on the site. There is an image of a guitar that serves as the "menu" bar, and a hand that slides up and down the fretboard to select the page of your choice. Very appropriate, and expertly realised.


Tania Kernaghan would also like to welcome you to her official new home on the web. Tania promises the hottest news on what she's up to. You can listen to some sample tracks from her CD's, and soon Fan Club members will be able to download some great software for their computer. You can even leave messages in her 'forum' for other fans to read and post a reply. At the moment this page is showing all kinds of fan messages. Full marks for the section devoted to making it easier for the sight impaired to navigate the site.
Tania Kernaghan and Jane Saunders
A rare photo of Tania Kernaghan
with Jane Saunders

photo © cyberBob

And now for a round-up of new and newly found sites:-