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CYBER COWBOY Cowboys In Cybersp@ce - February 1999 CYBER COWBOY

By Bob Howe © 1999

"Winners and Grinners"

Whether you brought home a Gold Guitar, a TIARA, a Golden Gumleaf, or just a smile from Tamworth this year, congratulations to all the Winners and all the Grinners! Next month I'll have a special cyber-report and pictures from my annual pilgrimage to Country Music Capital. If you're hooked up to the Internet, you'll be able to check it out even sooner!

Australia Day has just passed, and I'm happy to note the continued growth of local Country Music sites on the World Wide Web. Highway One are a trio from the Central Coast, north of Sydney. Formed several years ago by renowned singer Lisa White & guitarist Greg Franks, joined by drummer Darren Brollo over 2 years ago, they have released their first album, "Forever Bound". See and hear more about the band at their brand new Web site. Highway One put technology to good use by E-mailing their press releases to me.

Deborah Minter


Touchwood Entertainment took that advantage one step further by including a digital photo and sound file of Deborah Minter (pictured left). Deborah is a new Country Music artist who, with the release of her debut CD "Innocent Days" they hope will be "skyrocketed into the elite circles of Country Music in Australia". Deborah has recently signed to the Cannon Music Co. as a recording artist. Find out for yourself at Deborah's site.

Julia Starr is another singer making good use of the latest technology, in this case MP3 which is revolutionising audio on the Web. From her site you can download about one minute of each track from her CD "Moments of Brilliance".

In a previous column we noted the lack of Bush Poetry on the Internet. No more! We have now found bushpoetry.com, a truly excellent resource for fans of Australian Bush Poetry. Check out the calendar to find out all the happenings, read the latest news and find out how to join the Australian Bush Poets Association. There is even a Battle Ground section where you can pit your verse against the champions, if you dare!

A songwriting competition and hints can be found at the Paradise Bar & Grill. This U.S. site is a virtual country music jukebox that features great original songs in Real Audio, original song lyrics, and feature articles.

St. Valentine's Day draws near, and if your E-mail box isn't full of Virtual Flowers & Virtual Candy, perhaps you might like to check out Country Singles Online, an American site where "That COWBOY or COWGIRL will lasso your heart!" They are proud to be a unique G-rated, over-18's singles site and a safe place where COUNTRY people meet. You could take a free trial to check out the service, as they are hoping to cater to Australian Country fans too!

Nice to see several Australian connections in the Twang This! E-mail newsletter. There are details of Shanley Del's - new single "Your Love Is Still On My Mind", and Sherrie Austin premiering her new track, "Good Love Comin' On", on the Midday Show. Sherrie is currently in the studio in Nashville, recording her much anticipated second album. The newsletter also details the tour of Pam Tillis who is already with us, and you can check out links to many sites that feature Pam via the BMG Australia site. Meanwhile, fans of another visitor, Tracy Byrd, can visit his pages at the MCA-Nashville site or his own site TBYRD.com

The arrivals desk is pretty busy with Shania Twain being the next star to wing her way here. The Shania Twain Mailing List Supersite is so packed with links it will keep you busy from now until her next tour!. Shania's Mercury album "Come On Over" has been certified seven times platinum, selling over seven million copies in the U.S. Her 1995 Mercury release "The Woman In Me" has just been certified 11 times platinum, making her one of only five women in the history of recorded music to reach such a milestone.

If you are in N.S.W. and can pick up Racing Radio 2KY, listen out for the Frank Ifield radio show. Each month, on the Sunday when no races are running, Frank can be heard on 120 stations across the State, broadcasting great Country Music and interviews, from noon until 6pm. For the date of the next broadcast and the location of the station nearest you, why not check out Frank's Web pages.

4AAA-FM logo Don't forget to listen out for Cowboys in Cybersp@ce each month on the radio waves with Belinda Miller of Murri Country , 4AAA –FM (98.9 in Brisbane). Belinda recently had Billy Ray Cyrus hanging on for well over a half hour chatting and he ended up by singing Achy Breaky Heart" live on-air.
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