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"E-mail vs Snail-mail"

One of the most underrated aspects of the Internet is the joy of E-mail. Once you are on-line you have the facility to send messages to the other side of the world in less time than it takes to call your neighbour over the back fence. It only takes the blink of an eye to send a note on it's way, so the cost in almost too small to calculate. Our tip for the month is to compose your longer messages off-line while the meter isn't running! As you travel through cyberspace, take the time to leave E-mail comments at your favourite sites and you'll be surprised at the responses that you get in return. Also, family and friends who would normally struggle to put pen to paper once a year, suddenly find they can send just a few lines at anytime and establish an immediate and ongoing dialogue. You'll may also find new "pen-pals" with similar interests in far flung corners of the globe.
During our journeys through the World Wide Web, Cowboys In Cybersp@ce has received many pleasant and unexpected messages. After checking out the extensive recorded catalogue of Nashville harmonica legend Charlie McCoy, it was thrilling to get a reply from the gentleman himself. One of our heroes, indeed. In our first article, and at the other end of the musical spectrum, we described Deep Purple as a "heavy metal" band. This prompted their Webmaster Dave Hodgkinson to E-mail us to light-heartedly refute that description (conceding, "Hard Rock, maybe") and reminding us of a country song they recorded in the mid-seventies. It seems that rockers have their own version of the "Is it Country, or is it Western" debate! Along those lines, Reyn Adsett from the Country Music Store circulated a funny letter to us suggesting various mergers of Pop and Country artists including Rolling Doug Stone, Pink Floyd Cramer, the Alan Jackson Five, and our favourite, Minnie Pearl Jam. If you can suggest any Australian names along these lines, send them in to be included in future columns.

EMAIL BOB Many readers have also taken the time to send Cowboys In Cybersp@ce some very kind comments and recommendations of sites worth closer inspection. Rebecca Gracie runs a fine page on Area Code, an Australian country music band from Tumut, NSW, and is preparing another dedicated to "The Wheel". She also pointed us to Steve's Massive Country Music Round-Up, a huge resource of links for local and overseas country music. Amongst other activities, Steve Wainwright is the Publicity Officer for the Grafton District Services Country Music Club. His site does a fantastic job in promoting young talent, something he does for free and he is always on the lookout for more promising youngsters (normally aged from 13 to 18, or in full-time schooling, NOT Uni, being amateur/semi-professional, and having an ambition to make a career out of Country Music and achieving at Talent Quest level). Contact Steve on Phone/Fax: (02) 6643 3758, or via the Cowboys In Cybersp@ce Web site.
Ruthie Steele is sister to famed songwriter Max D. Barnes, and she runs a Nashville based Record and Promotion Company. The creed for Ruthie's Web site is "Real pure traditional country music, and new songs about life's realities. Her lighter side can be found on the Nashville Nelly's Homepage page, while her associate Bethany Reynolds Home Page is more sober minded. For up to date news from the US Country scene, KEITH GLASS - SMOKE AND MIRRORS Keith Glass showed us the way to the excellent Country Standard Time site, while locally you can check the rise of Keith's album "Smoke And Mirrors" on the charts at HOT-FM. This site also includes the local Country Beat newsletter. Hopefully the previous editions will one day be indexed as a valuable resource of Australian CM happenings. More Australian artists are appearing on the Internet each month, including: Singer Songwriter Greg Austen, the ever popular Eddie Low, and the enterprising New Zealand born and now U.S. resident Leighton B. Watts.

If you are heading to Tamworth this month you can check out the details of the major events on-line. Perhaps I'll see you at the Shock Records show or the Tomkins Guitars showcase. I'll be the one wearing the Net-Head cap!

MINDY McCREADY - IF I DON'T SPEND THE NIGHT Before we close for this month, a mention of the CD that's perfect for Country Music techno-heads! Mindy McCready's "If I Don't Stay The Night" includes added Multimedia content for you to experience. Pop it in your CD-Rom drive and enjoy not only the regular audio tracks, but a visual feast of Mindy in pictures, video and text. An excellent use of CD technology and a refreshing change to the often all-too-short US country releases. There are many sites on the Net dedicated to Mindy ranging from the hero worship of Nicole, a dedicated 7 year old fan, to those that are enamoured by more than Mindy's singing talents.

If you want to share the location of an interesting site you’ve seen or request a topic for discussion in future columns, why not E-mail me. Don't forget to listen out for Cowboys in Cybersp@ce each month on the radio waves with Belinda Miller of Murri Country , 4AAA –FM (98.9 in Brisbane). Until next month, happy surfing.



Here's that comical letter - thanks to Reyn Adsett & everyone who passed this down the line......

Subject: Pop/Country name changes
In order to increase the market of both country and pop artists, we have come to the conclusion that some name changes are in order. The following are a few suggestions.

  • Hank Thompson Twins
  • Guns and Rose Maddox
  • Y'all 2
  • Hillbilly Ocean
  • Bailey and the Boys II Men
  • M.C. Clawhammer
  • Santanya Tucker
  • George Dire Strait
  • Rolling Doug Stone
  • Neil Diamond Rio
  • Madonna Fargo
  • Elton John Anderson
  • Kris Kross Kristofferson
  • Ozzy Osbourne Brothers
  • Abbabama
  • Ugly Kid Joe Diffie
  • Simply Red Sovine
  • Aire Ye Go Speedwagon
  • Pink Floyd Cramer
  • Marky Mark Chestnutt
  • Homer and Jethro Tull
  • Sam and Dave and Sugar
  • REO Chuckwagon Gang
  • Grand Funk Confederate Railroad
  • Connie Aerosmith
  • Mel Bay City Rollers
  • Twisted Forrester Sisters
  • Cow Patti LaBelle
  • Ricky Van Halen
  • Minnie Pearl Jam
  • Grace and Grandpa Jones
  • Clint Black Sabbath
  • Sting Bean
  • Alan Jackson Five
  • Chaka Kahn Hunley
  • Manfred Mandrell
  • Duran Durandy Travis
  • Molly and the Hatchet Makers
  • Rude Oak Ridge Boys
  • Boy George Jones
  • Johnny Bon Jovi
  • Chuck Berry Alarm Clock
  • Harry Chapin Carpenter
  • Tom T. Hall and Oates
  • Little Jimi Hendrix
  • Steely Dan Seals

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