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Cowboys In Cybersp@ce - March 2001

spinning world"World Wide Wait!"

Do you get bored waiting for Web pages to appear on your screen? This month we're going to look at why that happens, and suggest an alternative to twiddling your thumbs. When you ask your computer to fetch a Web page it goes out and searches for it on the Internet. Once it finds what it's looking for, the page actually contains a hidden set of instructions, such as what pictures and other bits and pieces need be displayed and where your computer should find them. That's where the waiting comes in, and why pages that are just text appear much quicker than those with big photographs.

When the page finally arrives, why not order your next page or site while you still have something to look at? The trick is to keep the current window open. Perhaps you can see a link that you know you will want to investigate. Instead of just clicking on it the normal way with your mouse, Windows users can try holding the right mouse button down as they click. A little menu will pop up and you can choose 'Open in New Window'. Alternatively, look at the top of your browser under 'File' and then 'New' (the keyboard shortcut for this is Ctrl + N). Once a new window is open, you can type in any address you desire and read the page in the first window while you're waiting.

At the Cowboys In Cyberspace Web site it's even simpler. As you read this article on the Web and click normally on the links, they will automatically open in a new window for you. How easy is that!

I was encouraged by your response to last month's column and pleased to report at least one computer was saved from the nasties! Reminder: delete and do not open any E-mail from 'hahaha' about Snow White, and the same goes for the new Anna Kournikova virus that does little damage, but sends itself to all your contacts without you even knowing.

Some new and updated
Country Music Web sites to check out:

  • Starring in the lead role of 'Annie Get Your Gun', REBA has been wowing them on Broadway. Not content with having her own Website (which has always been one of the best), you can now download a dedicated 'Reba Browser';

  • ALABAMA - RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) Country Group of the Century feature their new CD 'When It All Goes South' - a fine album of modern lyrical themes;

  • BUDDY AND JULIE MILLER have played and sung with everyone from Emmylou Harris to Kasey Chambers. Instrument lovers will enjoy the photos of their guitar collection;
    STOP PRESS: Buddy Miller and Kasey Chambers will be featured during the forthcoming Ausralian Tour by Emmylou Harris

  • THE BRITISH ARCHIVE OF COUNTRY MUSIC consists of over 500,000 recordings spanning the 75 years of Country Music's history. Learn more about their endeavours and their publications;

  • DOLLY PARTON has continued her passion for bluegrass and acoustic music on her excellent new release 'Little Sparrow'. has a screensaver and wallpaper that follow the theme of the album's artwork, plus chat transcripts and track analysis;

  • GIB GUILBEAU was a member of The Burrito Brothers, and his songs have been recorded by many artists, from The Byrds and Rick Nelson to, Rod Stewart! Check his Web site for details of some recorded collaborations that have been released from the vaults.

barbed wire
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Some new and updated
Country Music Web sites to check out:

  • Female Vocalist of The Year - BECCY COLE - is Wild on the Web. Read about her new album 'Wild at Heart', track by track at her stylish new site;

    Beccy Cole in Tamworth with Melinda Schneider and Tamara Stewart

    Pictured Above: Beccy Cole in Tamworth with Melinda Schneider and Tamara Stewart
    - photo by cyberBob

    Nicole Brophy and Jodi Moore

  • They may well be on their first overseas tour (to New Zealand in March), but you can still catch the dynamic duo NICOLE AND JODI on the Web;
    Pictured Above: Nicole Brophy & Jodi Moore at Canterbury Country - photo by cyberBob

  • THE YALLAH WOOLSHED is one of Australia's premier Country Music venues. Check out the history of the place and what's coming in the future;

  • TANYA SELF released her long-awaited debut album - 'Tanya Self Titled' - on Valentines' Day. You can it preview it on the Web, then rush out and buy it;

  • RICK.E.NELSON, a 2000 TSA National Songsearch Competition winner has samples of several of his compositions available;

  • It's a long way to the Northern Territory by any other means, so scoot along the Information Highway to find the amazing voice of KAREN O'SHEA.

  • Finally, don't forget to check out our Festival photo album (six pages of snaps) and relive all the fun and excitement of Tamworth! The front page includes links to other sites that have updated with Festival content, including Eyeball Photoimages, Vern Goes To Tamworth, Greg Champion, Cool Country Lounge, Tomkins Guitars, Helen's Rage Page and many more.

If you want to share the location of an interesting site you’ve seen or request a topic for discussion in future columns, why not E-mail me.

Don't forget to listen out for Cowboys in Cybersp@ce each month on the radio waves with Belinda Miller of Murri Country, 4AAA–FM (98.9 in Brisbane).

Until next month, happy surfing.



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