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Cowboys In Cybersp@ce - November 2000

"Get A Little Dirt On Your Hands"

CD cover

STOP PRESS: Oct. 24th
ARIA award winner
Kasey Chambers
Best Female Artist
'What can the Internet do for me?' is one of the questions I often hear from those yet to be converted to the merits of the on-line experience. Let's answer that question with just one of many possible scenarios. Imagine you have just arrived home with the special edition re-release of 'The Captain' by Kasey Chambers. You've played both the original album and then the bonus CD and marvelled at the music contained therein. You have perused the liner notes and noticed some names that you know, and some that maybe aren't so familiar. Let's say that you're inquisitive enough to want to dig a little deeper. It is as a research tool that the Internet really comes into it's own.

We start our investigation at the most obvious place - the Kasey Chambers Web site. Here we find all the usual information you'd expect, plus some interesting insights such as Worm's 'on and off the road report' of the gang's adventures overseas. On the What's New page can also view some out-takes from Kasey's latest video featuring Paul Kelly. Many diverse musical influences converge to make the unique Kasey Chamber's sound, so it's interesting to read a list of songs that have inspired her. Many of those names reappear as composers of the songs on the new bonus CD that contains all the 'B-sides' from Kasey's singles.

Let's look at those tracks now. First up - 'Dam' by Matthew Ryan. At Ryan's Web site you can find out why the media has compared him to Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen, and why he describes himself as a 'dweller'. Searching for the song 'Dam' also turned up a very interesting site; - 'The Guitar Tab Center for Fans of Alternative Country Roots Rock Artists'. Tab is short for Tablature, which is a form of music notation especially for guitar players. TAB has made a comeback on the Internet, where many enthusiasts share their latest transcriptions. Sometimes a 'tab' will just contain the lyrics and chords to a song, but a good one will often include any important musical riffs. At this site you'll also find the music of Fred Eaglesmith and Ben Harper. Kasey has recorded two of Eaglesmith's tunes (you'll also find another on Audrey's album) and he has been described as 'the best thing to happen to music since Steve Earle and Dwight Yoakam bridged the gap between rock and country'. While the public is yet to catch on to Fred Eaglesmith, his rabid fans (known affectionately as the 'FredHeads') maintain a thriving network of information via their Internet mailing list. Ben Harper also knows what his fans want - the ones that play guitar, anyway. At his Web site he has provided some 'official' TABs, complete with fretboard diagrams and the choice between conventional guitar tuning and Ben's own individual tuning.

Moving on through Kasey's cover versions we come to Neil Finn's classic 'Better Be Home Soon'. Searching the Net for Neil Finn uncovers detours to sites with funny punny names, such as the excellent '', the German 'Finnatics' site, plus a wrong turn to the 'Crowded House Travel Lodge' in Norway! Finally we come to the new tracks on Kasey's bonus disc, so it's off to the Paul Kelly Web Site. Named 'Dumb Things' after one of his songs, it is very comprehensive, and the only official Paul Kelly resource on the Internet. The site includes a complete discography, lyrics, guitar tabs, along with current news, tour dates and articles. Uncle Bill have their own site too, where you can read about Gerry Hale's passion for acoustic music. If you share that interest, follow the link to 'Bluegrass Australia'. They have listings of all the local Bluegrass and old-time country music activities, including Concerts, Societies, Festivals, and Radio Shows for all states.

CD cover Another cyber-competition: Three lucky Australian Cowboys In Cybersp@ce readers will win a copy of a special Phil Vassar CD sampler, courtesy of BMG Australia. It features the hit single 'Carlene', an interview with Phil hosted by Jo Dee Messina, and excerpts of three other songs from his self-titled debut album. Phil Vassar has written hit songs such as 'I'm Alright' and 'Bye Bye' for Jo Dee Messina, as well as 'Right on the Money' for Alan Jackson and 'For A Little While' for Tim McGraw. Check out his complete works at his Web site. Phil recently headlined a concert series called 'Fin Fair', a country music concert on a beach in the Cayman Islands. Visit the CountryCool site for a pictorial report. To quote his second single, 'Just Another Day in Paradise' indeed. Speaking of cute names, Phil's Fan Club is known as 'Phil's Phriends'! Word is that he will be heading our way in time for the Tamworth Festival, so we'll be able to see for ourselves exactly why Phil Vassar has successfully made the transition from hit songwriter to hit artist. To enter the competition (Australia only) for these CD collector's items, just send an E-mail to and tell me what is the main instrument that Phil plays. The winner will be drawn at random from all the entries on November 20th, and notified by E-mail.

Pixie Jenkins was one of the first Australian entertainers to make use of the World Wide Web. He's still breaking new ground. This time it's by teaming his fiddle and the tunes of John Williamson with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra. 'True Blue Classics' is a simply stunning album, and you can check out all of Pixie's work at his Web site. I, for one, will be very surprised if Pixie doesn't take home the Gold in January.

Donella Plane has come a long way since 1998 when she entered Tamworth the way many do, and that was in the main street - Peel Street, Tamworth. Going from strength to strength, this year has been huge for Donella, who had a radio hit with title track of her album 'Remember the Dance'. Check out her colourful and lively Web site.

Earlier this year, CLEO's guy of the month was 'Australia's sexiest country singer' - Adam Brand. If you missed it, don't worry. Check the Cleo archives where you can download Adam Brand 'wallpaper' for your computer desktop, and a 'hunky' screensaver. How does Adam feel about his face flashing on and off all those computer monitors? Virtually stoked, we guess!

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