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Cowboys In Cybersp@ce - January 2000

By Bob Howe © 1999/2000

"Happy Y2K"

If you are reading this, I'm trusting that your computer hasn't gone into league with your VCR and destroyed your house, and that civilisation, as we know it, hasn't ground to a complete halt! This century promises to be a rush of technological excitement and the Internet will increasingly become a part of everyday life. It won't be long before your refrigerator is re-ordering your food supplies for you, and the microwave will be downloading its own recipes. Just as well, as this will free your time to enjoy all the Country Music on the Internet! This month we are going to look for some extra information about those CDs that Santa brought you, and get in gear for the Tamworth Festival.

Willie Nelson makes a welcome return to Australia this month. Always the innovator, Willie's latest album 'Teatro' is on the progressive edge of Country Music. With brilliant contributions from everybody's favourite harmony singer Emmylou Harris, and the unmistakable stamp of producer Daniel Lanois, 'Teatro' re-defines Willie Nelson as a contemporary artist of enormous stature. Willie Nelson's World Headquarters is located on the shores of the Pedernales River in the town of Luck, Texas. You can visit this interactive community on-line. The Luck Post Office provides a chance for you to share your Willie Nelson experiences with other fans, while the local newspaper, The Pedernales Poo Poo, provides a fascinating day by day account of the Willie Nelson family at work and play. Straight from the pen of Willie's daughter Lana Nelson, this diary is remarkable in its detail and in its delivery, which could only be possible via the Web. The same could be said for Station Luck, the broadcast studios of Nelson's Web site. Currently showing is 'Texas the Nation - A Video Experience', a history of country music, classic shows from the 50's and 60's in streaming full motion video and sound to your computer. Brilliant!

Catch Willie at the Tamworth 2000 Carlton Country Music Festival !!

Not Santa, Willie!
Santa Claus, not!

Reba live in Sydney 1999
Live in Sydney 1999
Speaking of diaries, Reba found time during her Australian visit to E-mail her fans with a blow by blow account of her trip. AOL members are even luckier, as Reba joined with AOL to deliver a special Online "Singer's Diary", which also included exclusive photos of the trip. They can view Reba's Diary with exclusive photos from Australia on AOL - Keyword: Reba. In addition to the diary, Reba interacted with fans in a special AOL chat event from Australia. After reading Reba's thoughts on Australia, the Tourist Board should sign her up as an ambassador! Reba loves all y'all.

ON THE COVER: Reba McEntire is's exclusive two-part interview in which Reba discusses her ambitious "Singer's Diary" Broadway-show-styled tour, her many recent acting exploits, how she stays fresh and inspired, how motherhood fits in the scheme, and why she was so exhilarated to give Shania Twain the CMA award for Entertainer of the Year. Part 1 and Part 2.

Jane Saunders is no sooner off the road from the Eric Bogle shows, and back on the bus again, this time for a tour with Irish superstar Daniel O'Donnell. First though, Jane was scheduled to be at the Longyard Hotel in Tamworth with Daniel's Ritz Records label mate, UK singer songwriter Charlie Landsborough (This show has now been cancelled - check the Official Program for details). Charlie, Daniel, and Mary Duff who also joins the tour, perform and record in an unashamed easy-listening country style that has won them legions of fans throughout the world. Their CDs are now available locally through ABC Music, as is 'Unconditional Love' the new album by Dominic Kirwan. Dominic isn't part of the current touring contingent, but he made many new fans when he performed here in early 1999. Recorded in Nashville with some legendary musicians, 'Unconditional Love' is an album for the romantics and even sees Dominic breaking out into an R&B groove amongst the ballads!

If you like your Country Music a little more edgy, check out the Roots and Retro section at the Shock Records site. Look for 'Heartaches and Highways', an astounding 23 track sampler from Shock Records' roster of top American Independent labels. For Australian buyers it includes Kieran Kane's previously unreleased demo recording of Alan Jackson's hit "I'll Go On Loving You". Also included is the Amazing Rhythm Aces remake of their own classic 'Third Rate Romance' (Don't miss The Aces in Tamworth this year). The album has a version of 'The Year Clayton Delaney Died' by American troubadour Steve Young, a recent visitor to our shores. At Steve Young On-line you will find a comprehensive history of his career that was originally published as the liner notes from "Lonesome, On'ry & Mean - Steve Young 1968-1978" by our very own Keith Glass. 'Heartaches and Highways' also contains 'Could You Lie' by Alison Krauss from her beautiful album 'Forget About It'. Like everything on this compilation, it makes you desire all the original albums.

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