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Cowboys in Cyberspace – Video Podcasts

September 6th, 2007

These short Videos contain extra content, complementing the monthly columns. Enjoy!

DECEMBER 2007 brings you video from the Sydney media launch of the 2008 Tamworth Country Music Festival – featuring some of the finalists of the 36th CMAA COUNTRY MUSIC AWARDS OF AUSTRALIA.

some of the finalists of the 36th CMAA COUNTRY MUSIC AWARDS OF AUSTRALIA

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NOVEMBER 2007 – 

filmstripfilmstrip2During September, October and November of 2007 the Cowboys in Cyberspace camera caught glimpses of the country music scene in and around Sydney. Included are the Galston Country Music Festival, the Hank Williams Birthday Bash, Graeme Connors and Fiddlers Feast at The Basement, Sara Storer at ABC Radio, the Tomkins Guitar Showcase at Canterbury Country and much more.

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 Thanks to the Galston Country Music Festival, Nicki Gillis, Canterbury-Hurlstone Park RSL Club (Denis, Debbie, Michael, Ian, Richard, Will), Graeme Connors, Fiddlers Feast, John Elliott, Sara Storer, John Nutting, John Nutting, ABC Radio, Dan Driscoll, the Legends of Bandstand, Kenny Kitching, Tomkins Guitars, and everyone else…


Podcast contents

The September 2007 edition Cowboys in Cyberspace Video Podcast features live snippets from ALBERT LEE in Australia, MICHAEL FIX launching his new CD and Songbook and a few other familiar faces as well…

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    How smart are you!!!!!!!
    Site looks great. Cowboys are much smarter than most people ever give them credit for!!!
    Love your work. Happy 10th.


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    Happy 10th Birthday!!
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    great site good to see albert lee and micheal fix from the round man of sound gippsland fm 104.7 GARRY GUNN