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Troy and Harmony

January 22nd, 2010

Troy Cassar-Daley and Harmony James

The night before he blitzed the 38th CMAA Country Music Awards of Australia by winning 6 Golden Guitars, Troy Cassar-Daley made a surprise appearance at the Scully Room of the Southgate Inn to assist HARMONY JAMES who was headlining her own ‘Tailwind’ show before a raptuous audience. (Photo by Peter Versace)

Bob talked to Barbara Morison on 2SER 107.3 FM about this month’s column and more…


January 22nd, 2010

Bob Howe and Anne Kirkpatrick

Announced today, the latest inductee onto the Australasian Roll of Renown – an accolade regarded as the pinnacle of recognition for the Australian Country Music Industry…ANNE KIRKPATRICK.

“A true child of country music, Anne first came to prominence when she introduced an exciting new contemporary sound to the Australian scene in the late 1970s. Initially recording her first solo album in 1974, she won her first Golden Guitar in 1979 for Female Vocal.

Over her long and highly acclaimed career she has won five more Golden Guitars including two for Album and Female Vocal and an ARIA Award for her watershed album “Out Of The Blue” in 1991.

A talented songwriter with a unique vocal style, Anne achieved great success as a recording artist and performer – both as an individual and in concert with her parents Slim Dusty and Joy McKean and her family.

For over four decades Anne’s ability to blend a contemporary style with traditional themes has influenced the way many Australians think about modern country music and her early success helped prepare the way for the many young artists who followed in her footsteps.”

Pictured above left:
Cowboys In Cyberspace’s Bob Howe with ANNE KIRKPATRICK at the Australian Country Music Hall of Fame Pioneering Ladies concert earlier in the week. Anne is wearing an original Joy McKean stage outfit.
(Photo by Karen V.)

Tomkins Guitar Showcase

January 21st, 2010

Beccy Cole and Duncan Toombs

BECCY COLE and Duncan Toombs rip it up at the Tamworth 2010 TOMKINS GUITAR SHOWCASE (photo by Peter Versace). Dozens of artists played their Tomkins guitars, basses, mandolins, lap steels and fiddle before a packed house in Blazes at Wests. Lots more photos – click here…

International Spur Award Show

January 20th, 2010

cast on stage
A standing ovation for FRANK IFIELD’s
International Spur Award Show at the Tamworth Town Hall,
with Bob Howe & the Hillbilly Heaven band
and a surprise appearance from Darren Carr.
More photos by Peter Versace – click here…

Bill Chambers Tribute Night

January 18th, 2010

Dead Ringer Band 2010
The Dead Ringer Band  (L to R:) Bill, Kasey, Nash & Diane Chambers,
reunited for the all-star Bill Chambers Tribute Night at The Pub.
To see photos of all the artists, click here…

Young Talent at the Tamworth Festival

January 18th, 2010

Jim Haynes and young TIffany

The JIM HAYNES Big Bush Brekky Variety Show is renowned for encouraging new talent. You never know when the next star might appear.

Pictured right: Young Tiffany plays the guitar for the first time ever…not in a classroom, but in front of a huge audience!

Country For Lifeline

January 16th, 2010

Chad on stage
The legendary CHAD MORGAN closes the show at the Tamworth Town Hall
for the Country For Lifeline benefit concert.

Hands of Fame Announced

January 16th, 2010

Hands of Fame announcement

2010 Hands of Fame recipients announced:
L to R:
Clelia Adams, Nick Erby, Tom Maxwell,
“Slim” Jim Pike, Rodney Walker.
Not pictured, Rod Coe and Susan Jarvis