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November 1st, 2011

A Little Bird Told Me book coverTo most Australian music fans, the bare bones of the story of the Chambers family saga will be familiar: Mum and Dad take their two-year-old son and baby Kasey into the Nullarbor Plain to live a nomadic existence for 10 years, finally returning to civilisation and forming a family band, then stumbling into critical acclaim followed by KASEY CHAMBERS’ emergence as a multi-platinum selling musical phenomenon. The story has been retold in countless articles and even the 2001 book, Red Desert Sky by John Lomax III. What makes this new book special, apart from continuing the next 10 years of the story, is the honest and openness that come from Kasey’s own words. Fans who already know how down-to-earth she is will not be surprised by that and credit must go to Jeff Apter who helped Kasey write this autobiography with such transparency that at no time does the narrative ever not sound like her own disarming and charming tone. Many will be taken aback however, to read of Kasey’s personal and physical struggles, hidden behind the glare of the spotlight, and how she has overcame those hurdles. A compelling and rewarding read.
A Little Bird Told Me by Kasey Chambers with Jeff Apter.
(Harper Collins Publishers ISBN:9780732291082)

Kasey makes several references to her various encounters with PAUL KELLY in her book, describing him as unassuming, compared to his huge stature in the business, much as many would describe her! If you missed Paul’s 2010 book (with or without the outstanding CD Box Set) or the subsequent iPhone/iPad interactive app, then at the very least, get the latest paperback version. Not an autobiography in linear time, but a fabulous sprawling memoir motivated by his live introductions to his renowned A-Z shows, now on tour around the globe, whereby he performs his self-penned repertoire in alphabetical order. For the book, taking the inspiration for the songs as a starting point, he alternatively reveals much of his songwriting process, life on the road and stories of his family, friends and his own life. Both touching and enlightening and inspiring; perfect for dipping in to or consuming en masse. A must for all music fans and aspiring songwriters.
How To Make Gravy by Paul Kelly
Paperback edition Penguin Books / ISBN:9781926428277

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