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May 1st, 2009

This month SHEA FISHER shares her favourite websites…

As a young rising star of the music scene and a busy world traveller,
SHEA FISHER has to get her information and fun on the run these days. Currently on a two month promotional tour across the USA, you can follow her exploits as she blogs at her own site ( with chatty news about the many towns along her trail, plus personal insights such as why her band will probably not let her choose the next movie they go to see.

SHEA FISHER with her Tomkins Guitar Shea favours many of the well-established and most useful sites such as iTunes (; “I love iTunes. You can find any song you are looking for it doesn’t matter what genre or era the song you are looking for is from. I like the fact that you can listen to 30 seconds of each song before you decide whether you want to buy it or not.”

Like most of us, Shea thinks “Google ( is one of the best inventions. It allows you to find ANYTHING you want. If you need information on an artist, movie, town, celebrity etc you can find it all by just typing what you are looking for into Google search box. I spent many hours when I was at school on Google and it was so helpful for assignments and projects. I now love it because it keeps me up to date with the world around me and also lets me find some cool images of my favourite artists.”

Understandably, Shea is enjoying the benefits of Skype ( “It allows me to talk to my family and friends back home in Australia for free when I am travelling overseas. All I have to do is go online and ring their number and it connects me straight through. I love that I am able to see the person I am talking to as well as hear them. It is great when I am travelling.”

From her personal angle, as a rodeo champion herself it is no surprise that Shea visits the website of the Australian Professional Rodeo Association ( “This is one of my favourite website to look up during the rodeo season. It is so helpful to see where you draw out in each event you are competing in. You can also keep up to date with where you at sitting in the Australian standing. Even when I am on the road singing, I like to look up the results of who places at each rodeo that I can’t attend in person.”

Shea is plugged in to all the latest trends including Twitter and Facebook but especially likes MySpace ( “It is such a great way for me to be able keep in touch with friends and fans. I love looking at other artist’s MySpace pages as well. Music MySpace allows you to check on the latest songs released, latest shows coming up and learn more about your favourite artist. I personally love being able to write blogs to my fans, update my photos and reply to messages people send me.”

DVD cover They say a tree can wither if nobody tends its roots, so now we leave the young aspiring artist and look back at the superstar who was known as The First Lady of Country Music. From the Archive Series of the Country Music Hall Of Fame and Museum comes another DVD, this one entitled LEGENDARY PERFORMANCES – TAMMY WYNETTE (via Shock in Australia). Fifteen rare television performances are included which span from 1967-1981, beginning with Tammy singing a Loretta Lynn hit, but quickly progressing to a succession of her own chart-toppers. Highlights include I Don’t Wanna Play House, D-I-V-O-R-C-E, Stand By Your Man and four fabulous duets with George Jones. Today’s video generation, accustomed to scene changes every few seconds and multiple costumes, will marvel at the stationary camera work and bouffant hair styles, but even today the magic of Tammy Wynette still fills the air with wonder.

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