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Liam Brew – Toyota Star Maker 2009

January 18th, 2009

Liam Brew

18 Jan 2009: A jubilant LIAM BREW from Palmview, Queensland wins the 30th Anniversary Toyota Star Maker Award at the 2009 Tamworth Country Music Festival.

Slim Newton – Roll of Renown 2009

January 18th, 2009

Geoff Mack and Slim Newton

16 Jan 2009: Slim Newton (above right) is announced as the latest Australian legend to be elevated to the Country Music Roll of Renown. Best known for his hit song “Redback on the Toilet Seat”, Slim Newton joins the list of inductees which includes last year’s winner Geoff Mack (above left).


January 2nd, 2009

DVD coverIf you are a KEITH URBAN fan, my guess is that regardless of whether you were naughty or nice last year, you asked Santa to bring you KU’s latest DVD, Love, Pain & the whole crazy World Tour. While our U.S. cousins will find it available exclusively in Wal-Mart, here you can find it at your regular retailer (via EMI Australia). Containing two hours of concert plus ‘behind the scenes’ footage from the world tour, this is a visual and aural feast. 18 songs go by and even the “intimate” section of the show can barely contain the energy and adrenalin of Keith and the band. The tour -150 shows in six countries and three continents – gained critical acclaim with comments like “…fans would be hard-pressed to find a much better country – or rock – show anywhere.” The stage presentation, especially the opening sequence, is outstanding and the cameras capture every angle, although sometimes a little disconcertingly with their reluctance to linger on any one shot. Then again, if you were in the audience, no doubt your eyes would be darting around trying to take it all in, so perhaps that’s an added layer of realism? You may fear for Keith’s well-being as he enters the crush of the crowd but then share the shock and joy of the fan who receives a signed guitar. The DVD is directed by Chris Hicky who has worked with Keith on several of his music videos. Enjoy the performances and backstage antics from this tour before it all begins again in the U.S. in May, promising to deliver “another pulse pounding new concert experience”.

DVD coverTHE SUNNY COWGIRLS new DVD is a more laidback rural affair. It begins with a half hour documentary – The Story So Far – introduced by Adam Brand, but largely told by Sophie and Celeste in their own words. Archive footage illustrates the tale of the sisters’ childhood years and the adventures that finally led them to becoming one of our top-selling country music attractions. You will also follow the development as their experiences flow into their songwriting and we see them making their third album Dust Will Settle. The genuine affection of the sisters for each other and life on the land is reinforced throughout the interviews and the music. Also included are all eight of their music videos so far, including Acting Stupid and Dancing On The Darling, plus Someday, a duet with Adam Brand that was filmed for the Compass Bros House Concert DVD. For trivia buffs, the song was written by Tony Barber, an original member of Billy Thorpe’s band The Aztecs. Tony later became a huge success in the toy design business so I wonder if their version of his song might inspire a line of Sunny Cowgirls as dolls or soft toys. It would only be fitting as they are surely one of our most lovable acts.
(Compass Bros. via Shock)

What do you do if you have big ideas but no film crew and the budget requires eleven dollar bills and you only got ten? ED MATZENIK from Johnny Green’s Blues Cowboys has an instrumental version of the Dylan classic Subterranean Homesick Blues on YouTube. Shot in glorious monochrome with a cheap security camera and a bit of help from country luminaries Peter Figures on drums and Lawrie Minson on harmonica, Ed takes the least melodic song in history and turns out a charming video that will have Dylan fans laughing in their Boots Of Spanish Leather. 

Finally, Happy New Year to all ‘Cowboys In Cyberspace’ readers, both here and online. I hope to meet up with many of you in Tamworth so if you see me onstage with the Travis List band, Honky Tonk Nights at the Family Hotel, the Tomkins Guitar Showcase, Lifeline Concert or any other gigs, come and say G’day!

Until next time, happy surfing!