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October 2008 – SHORT TAKES

October 1st, 2008

A quick look at some exciting new finds…

Here at Cowboys In Cyberspace we’ve always been keen on enhanced-CDs or anything that makes full use of the potential of the shiny-disc medium. The trend these days seems to be more towards including a bonus DVD disc in a package, often as a limited edition as an incentive for early-bird purchasers.

CD cover JESSICA SIMPSON’s new country release DO YOU KNOW (Sony/BMG) debuted at No.1 on Billboard’s Top Country Albums Chart. As a performer so entrenched in the visual age, it was no surprise to see the album first released here with a DVD disc featuring the video of the hit Come On Over and a selection of behind-the-scenes and interview footage both in a short edited form and a longer unedited take. Hear the advice that Willie Nelson gave her (to bring out her Gospel background) and how Dolly Parton encouraged her – don’t forget to listen to the CD as well, especially for the title track which is a duet with Dolly. On hearing the news of the chart success, Jessica said, “I’m extremely touched by the overwhelmingly positive response to the album. There is so much honesty and raw emotion in there, showing who I really am … and I’m just thrilled that country fans are giving it a chance!”

CD cover The bonus DVD included with AWARD WINNING COUNTRY VOLUME 7 (Sony/BMG) is a straightforward compilation of 15 videos selected from the 20 audio tracks on the main CD such as recent hits from artists like Carrie Underwood, Kenny Chesney and Adam Harvey. This is an excellent selection clips without too many redundant literal story depictions. There are emotional performances – tastefully understated by Melinda Schneider (Stronger), compellingly heart-wrenching by Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles (Stay) – and favourites like Troy Cassar-Daley (Everything’s Going To Be Alright) and Sara Storer (Land Cries Out). Strum Sara, strum!

TAMARA STEWART has a competition to launch her new website. Fans are invited to send in their favourite Tamara Stewart experience in 25 words or less to go into the draw to win an awesome pack – an autographed copy of her new album ‘Love, Laughter, Lessons’ plus an autographed original photograph, a poster and personal letter from Tamara. Maybe you met her after a gig, maybe it’s a personal reflection on one of her songs, or maybe she’s inspired you in your life. No matter what it is, jot it down and send it in via her site. Tamara is pictured here performing at CANTERBURY COUNTRY in Sydney where she makes a welcome reappearance this month. The show recently celebrated their 100th concert and their website includes photos from every single show! Many of the live artist photos, like this one below, are by multi-talented drummer and photographer Terry Phillpot of Eyegraphics.

TAMARA STEWART by Terry Phillpot

Sara Storer talking to Nick Erby - photo by Bob Howe Most of you will already know that CMR (Country Music Radio) has moved from the regular radio to the internet and that 2007 International Country Music Broadcaster of the Year NICK ERBY can be heard online presenting “Australia’s biggest country hits and all-time favourites all day – every day”! The live stream pops up in a small window and you’ll need to keep the home page open if you want to see what track is playing and what’s coming up next – a useful feature. On the weekends the playlist goes Classic and on Sunday from 8am & 8pm (Tamworth time) there are some popular regular features that fans will recognise from the previous radio format including the Country Tracks Countdown, Country Music News Update and the Coffee Break feature interview. Those interviews are also archived and can be played on-demand, including backstage snippets from the Gympie Muster, Reg Lindsay tributes and the Southern Star Awards Finalists. When I spoke to Nick recently he was very excited that this new CMR format allowed him the freedom to create interviews anywhere and quickly include them in the programming. Nick is pictured above at work, interviewing Sara Storer.

Until next time, happy surfing!

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