Canterbury Country

bulletA continuing series of monthly Country Music shows that go under the banner of 'Canterbury Country'. On the second Thursday of each month at 8pm.
Check the main page to see who the guests will be each month, and make a regular date for some good music.

Enjoy the photos below from the first year of 'Canterbury Country'.

SHOW #12
Craig Byrne and Teri St. NeilGary Fredricks, Donna and Doug Boyd
The April show starred Craig Byrne and Teri St. Neil, plus Donna Boyd, pictured here with guests, guitarist Gary Fredricks and keyboardist Doug Boyd.

SHOW #11
It was duet time in March when Wayne Horsburgh and Judy Anne Barnes yodelled in harmony, while Mary Heard and Keith Glass were 'Making Sweet Music Together' (their duet from Mary Heard & the Midwest Obsession's new album 'Happy Ever After'). Terry Murray played his guitar so fast that it sounded like a duet!
Judy Anne Barnes and Wayne HorsburghMary Heard and Keith GlassTerry Murray

Tony and Vikki Page, Wayne Horsburgh and  Frank Ifield

Sixties singing legend, Frank Ifield, in association with Galston Country Music Festival executives Tony and Vikki Page, presented The Frank Ifield Awards, including a Millenium Acheivement award to a surprised and delighted Wayne Horsburgh. Michael G. Carr and Karen O'Shea were the recipients of the Best New Male and Female Performer 2001 awards.

SHOW #10
Wendi Jackson, Don Spencer, Karen Lynne

February's show starred (left to right)
the lovely Wendi Jackson,
popular childrens' entertainer Don Spencer
and 2001 TSA award winner Karen Lynne,
plus Bob Howe & the Hillbilly Heaven band
with guest pickers Rod Coe, Jenny Shimmin and Glen Bain.

Roo Arcus and Kel-Anne BrandtMichael G. Carr with fiancee Nikki BennettBob Howe and the Hillbilly Heaven Band

The first show of 2001 starred Roo Arcus, (pictured far left with) Kel-Anne Brandt, Michael G. Carr, (pictured left with fiancée Nikki Bennett), host (TIARA Finalist) Bob Howe & the Hillbilly Heaven band (pictured L to R: Naomi Coggan, Terry Phillpot, Bob Howe, Keith Glass, Tomi Graso and Allan Tomkins).

Leslie Avril, Alby Pool, Catherine Britt

A rose between two thorns ...hardly!
What a great show to close 2000:-
dynamite Melbourne songstress Leslie Avril,
Country crowd pleaser Alby Pool,
and rising young star Catherine Britt,
plus the magic of the Feral Swing Katz.

Lyn Bowtell and Wayne LawNicole Brophy and Jodi Moore

In November we were treated to a stirring performance by Lyn Bowtell and the Southern Steel band, the lively and versatile Nicole Brophy & Jodi Moore (pictured right) and a welcome to Sydney by Wayne Law (pictured left with Lyn Bowtell).

Peta Caswell and Frank IfieldDarren CogganOctober was another great show - Darren Coggan (pictured right), Peta Caswell (pictured left with yodeling hero Frank Ifield) and Paul Fisher, plus surprise guests Keith Glass and Michael G. Carr. The band was Hillbilly Heaven -featuring Tomi Graso (steel guitar), Ray Schloeffel (fiddle), Naomi Coggan (keyboards), Allan Tomkins (bass), Terry Phillpot (drums) and host Bob Howe (guitar).

Dwayne Elix, Felicity and Daniel ThompsonSeptember cast with Meryl Gross In September we were treated to performances by Dwayne Elix (celebrating Hank Williams' Birthday), Felicity , and CMAA College graduate Daniel Thompson (all pictured left).

Pictured right, the whole cast with
CMAA CEO (2000) Meryl Gross.

Brooke McClymont Brent Parlane in action(Left to Right) Joel Davis, Kristy Gentz, Michael Vidale, Brooke McClymont, Stuart French, Leesa Gentz, Tameaka Fairfull, Brent Parlane, Michel Rose, and Greg Hooper

The August show starred Brooke McClymont (above left), Leesa Gentz and Brent Parlane (above centre), plus surprise guests Kristy Gentz and Tameaka Fairfull, all pictured above right with the Feral Swing Katz - (Left to Right) Joel Davis, Kristy Gentz, Michael Vidale, Brooke McClymont, Stuart French, Leesa Gentz, Tameaka Fairfull, Brent Parlane, Michel Rose, and Greg Hooper.

Cast of Canterbury Country - June 2000

The cast of the July show: above (L to R) Lyn Bowtell, Peter Kenny, Michel Rose, Mick McCartin, Duncan Toombs, Tamara Stewart, Catherine Britt, Chris Staff, Col Finley, Joel Oakhill, (missing from photo, Mitchell Shadlow).

Catherine Britt, Lyn Bowtell, Tamara Stewart


Surprise guests in July: It was a girls night out when surprise guests Catherine Britt and Lyn Bowtell teamed up with Tamara Stewart.

Cast of Canterbury Country -June 2000


The June show starred Rosemary Rae (centre), Darcy LeYear (left) and Tracey Faith (right), pictured here with the Feral Swing Katz, James Gillard and Jill French.


Brooke Leal, Keith Glass and Audrey Auld backstageBrendan Marolla


The very first show in May 2000 starred Brooke Leal, Keith Glass and Audrey Auld. Brendan Marolla from North Queensland, in town recording a new album, dropped in and delighted the audience with a few songs.

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